Merging Ubuntu user and Hestiacp user?

Running HestiaCP on unmanaged VSP. Ubuntu 20.04 (apache2/nginx)
trying to get magento 2.4.2 installed but having difficulty. i think it is related to permission settings

I am using composer in my Putty shell access. The problem i believe is that users in hestiacp are not synced with user in Ubuntu .
user for hestiacp is: admin (that is where i have website domain set in public_html)
But in Putty i can not login to admin user to install into admin home/user directory where magento will be installed.
I think this is causing all sorts of permission issues.

I can create new users in Ubuntu, like recommended ‘magento’ user. however, i can not log into hestiacp as ‘magento’ and i cant create that user there either because it says it already exists.

Anyone have any advice? Please?

Create only users in HestiaCP and not in Ubuntu. It will nog work for Hestia

i also just realized that by changing user setting ssh access : bash (instead of nologin)
i am now able to login in as admin in Putty.
so going forward i will create new users in HestiaCP and then allow shell access so that i can use in Putty.
Hopefully this will get me a bit further.
This is new territory for me, just moved from share hosting to my own unmanaged VPS.

thanks for reply eris :slight_smile:

Also changing shell access need to be via Hestia other wise it will break after rebuild / restore.

and mind the warning to not host stuff under the admin user at all. it is there for a reason.
ideally also disable admin shell access again, the user is to powerful to leave that door open.

magento 2.4. requires elasticsearch and a few other things, which are additional and out of Hestias scope. there is quite some configuration effort as well to get all of it running.
just so you be aware - if that magento is going to be the only thing you want to run on that server, it’s better to not put any control panel onto it.

just a fair warning, probably nothing you can expect much support for right now.

Thanks for that advice. i have been looking at different control panels and this one so far seems the most intuitive. So far have only ever used Cpanel, but hoping to avoid the added monthly fees for that, and i didn’t really want to use CentOS (i dont actually know why?!)
I prefer to run on Nginx (i think, based on research) and i think Hestiacp has set up a combo set up of apache2/nginx, which sounds interesting.

I am realizing that maybe i dont really need this panel as much as i thought as it complicates a lot of commandline instructions and tutorials online.

Noticed that MariaDB is running 10.5 which is too new for current Magento release, but there appears to be a workaround for that which seems pretty straight forward.

hopefully i can get magento running. then i have a couple wordpress sites to move over. i think those should be much simpler.

oh true, I already forgot about that one.

it is possible, if you’re willing to work your way through. been there, done that. :wink:

hi Falzo.
you been there, done that.
i’m here, trying to do that…not succeding :frowning:

frustrating. i’m getting an 500 error when its all done. once i install magento into my working public_html directory for my site (domain is pointing correctly) it redirects domain to the pub/setup/ but the web installer does not display (improper redirection it says.

i can get the installer to run with command line, but then i just get 500 error.

i notice the htaccess file looks completely different than my other installations on Centos/apache2

is that because this is nginx/apache?
htaccess looks like this

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/pub/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/setup/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/update/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/dev/
RewriteRule .* /pub/$0 [L]
DirectoryIndex index.php

You have any advice to offer?

I have tried multiple times setting permisions, pretty sure they are all correct.

to be honest I don’t remember the steps anymore. but I had the mentioned issues with the prerequisites (mysql version, elasticsearch, etc)

permission probably are the right idea though. what I can tell: I obviously used cli with the user that the domain/magento is going to run under. from that user I ran the composer create-project command as well as magento setup:install --bunch-of-options-you-need afterwards.

with that I had a) the correct user/permissions on the files without any chown/chmod and b) did not need to invoke the web setup something.

my .htaccess after the install obviously looks quite different, but the one you see there should be considered correct anyway, as it’s their default. you might want to check the nginx/apache logs for more info about that 500 error. nginx is supposed to handle static assets directly and not pass them through apache so rewrite rules that are intended to catch those might not work as intended.

If you absolutely want to use the web-installer I recommend to try and disable the proxy during install…

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