Migrate emails from Zoho to HestiaCP

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I want to migrate all email addresses on Zoho mail to my hestiacp email, currently, I have added the MX records for Zoho mail in the cloudflare but in the future, I want to use the email service on hestiacp.

There are around 10 email addresses on Zoho and I want to migrate them all without changing/affecting their usernames and passwords as the users of those emails are holding the passwords of their emails respectively. If possible, without even them noticing the change in the email server.


  1. I only have a free Zoho account where I don’t have service enabled to the SMTP, POP, or IMAP because all these services are offered only in paid subscriptions.

  2. We are using mail.zoho.com to access the emails and I am the admin user of the Zoho mail.

  3. I have not added the domain as an email domain on HestiaCP. All MX & DKIM records are getting managed on Cloudflare.

Please give me the detailed procedure to do that… The easiest and most convenient way to migrate…

Thanks in advance for all your support. Specially to @eris and @sahsanu

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imapsync can help, have a look at google.

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imapsync needs IMAP server details for zoho whereas IMAP is a paid service and I am using Zoho free, Zoho will not allow me to use the IMAP details, please show me any other alternatives. I cannot use their SMTP (whether POP or IMAP) on any other app except mail.zoho.com webmail.

Without access to these accounts via imap there’s very little you can do to exit your data from zoho, that being the case I would speak with zoho support and explore how you’re able to move your data away from zoho.

In regards to importing mail accounts programmatically like you’re requesting. Hestia does not support this feature.


Dear @Fawwal

Thank you so much for the reply, as suggested, I just spoke to Zoho support, and a very nice lady answered my call and gave me the following suggestions (options):

  1. Activate the free trial and transfer the emails automatically using IMAP or POP service within 15 days (before the expiry of the trial period).

  2. Download the emails as a backup file from the email address using the ZOHO admin interface then create the same email ID with a common password for each email on HestiaCP, and then import the downloaded emails to that email address and share the common password with the concern user to change it later.

Unfortunately, as you rightly said, changing the email password by the user is also not supported on HestiaCP.

I request to add more functions to the email interface on HestiaCP shortly, it’s a wonderful web server and free to use.

User can change their password via Roundcube

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