Migrate from directadmin

Anyone tried migration from Directadmin, can I use https://forum.vestacp.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=13867
Or this https://github.com/Skamasle/sk_da_importer

It actually work when you replace paths to hestia. But only mail accounts can not be restored. I am still loking at it to fix it but I am not an expert.

Ok so far so good. I was able to migrate mail account after doing direct_imap_backup=1 in directamdin as stated here.

But one last problem is, mail logins does not work, in dovecot.log, I see:
Invalid password in passdb: Not a valid MD5-CRYPT or PLAIN-MD5 password

More details:
In directadmin mail passwd’s file SHA512-CRYPT :$6$QvhJmSyX$lBZe9xfq5YEfRO1I8C4ae…
In hestiacp passwd’s file {MD5} : {MD5}$6$81XflO1S$CkDw…

In converter script, it simply does:
sk_actual_pass=$(grep -w $1 ${EXIM}/domains/$2/passwd |tr ‘}’ ’ ’ | tr ‘:’ ’ ’ | cut -d " " -f 3)
sk_da_orig_pass=$(grep -w $1 ${b}/$2/email/passwd |tr ‘:’ ’ ’ |cut -d " " -f2)
replace “${sk_actual_pass}” “${sk_da_orig_pass}” – ${EXIM}/domains/$2/passwd

So still searching, but if you have an idea, I would not refuse it :))

Story continous…
After I remove {MD5} in passwd file. Webmail can be used for login. But pop logins still does not work and nothing in logs of exim… :frowning:

Glad you do some good steps in testing the script, please write down all steps and share them with us, so we could implement it in hestia :slight_smile:.

Check the dovecot log for pop, exim handles the sending and receiving mailpart, but not the accessing side. Maybe you will find the needed informations there.

I have to give up. Actually will use script for other stuff like website, database, mail account but will generate new password for mail acocunts. Just like they did in myVestacp for Cpanel here
I actually contacted owner of script maybe he takes a look at this thread.
Maybe it will not be possible.