Migrate from Hestiacp apache + nginx to only nginx

Is it possible to migrate from apache + nginx to only nginx?

Are there any performance advantages?
thnx, Ph.

I use the Apache + Nginx and I’m happy with it.

You can try a template to use only Nginx to check if there are performance improvements.

I think that that change is unsupported.

It does.

I installed on my test system a new installation with HestiaCP and only NGINX.
Then I imported a backup from the production HestiaCP (apache + nginx) and installed the backup on the test system.
On the test system (without Apache) everything was started up without a problem but the webpage shows “err_connection_refused”.
I have no errors in nginx log. Did I do something wrong or is it because it comes from an operational system with apache + nginx?
How can I fix this?

Try rebuilding the web domains

Is that by deleting only the Web domain and creating it again in the Hestiacp portal?

Run v-rebuild-user {user} via Command line or

Via WebUI

It doesn’t work. I get “page not found”.
The frontpage is working but other pages not.

Nginx doesn’t allow .htaccess depending on your software used you need to use a custom template

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How can I do that?

Thanks, it works now.

I migrated to only NGINX. This is my result.

For my website this is a good solution to only use nginx. For others it may not so I don’t mean that apache + nginx is not a good solution.

With Nignx + Apache2 you can try to use proxy cache template enabled. As it makes a more fair comparison…

ok, thanks for the feedback.

is any senario where proxy cache template could messed up with sessions-cookies etc for a woocommerce site?

Yes sessions enabled by default will al ways mess up the cache as it will ignore the cache settings… (As it assumes the user is logged in and in that case the caching is disabled)

Also whats the differances of enabling a wordpress page cache plugin

Any caching plugin in Wordpress does need to run Wordpress first. fastcgi / proxy cache works on nginx it self and is there of faster…

Don’t measure performance grades, because those aren’t relevant, what is relevant is how fast page loads to your users, not to bots.

And you can use loader.io to measure how much stress your server can take.
With apache+nginx, results are poor. 500-550 users/minute before server collapses, no matter how much resources you have.
With nginx fastcgi 500-800 users per SECOND.