Migrate wordpress site from vestacp

Hi. I want to migrate my WP sites in vestacp to hestiacp.

But after I migrate all my wordpress site is showing “There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

But if i change the apache2 template to “fcgid” it works. All my vestacp use “default” template. Why is this? the only template works is “fcgid” all the other template shows error

Hi @964f4c495c,
While you should consult a developer to fix website/code-related issues as Hestia’s team doesn’t provide support for these cases but still, you can try to enable debug option in WordPress to check what is the issue.

Happy debugging and have a nice day!

I'm not a member of HestiaCP team and in no way associated with them ;)
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Would you pls write your previous OS version and the new one?
This is most likey because the old templates had mod ruid which is not discontinued in newer Linux versions.

Pls check your apache logs and it should be give you a clue of the problem.

Mostly its related to your plugins.
Just install a fresh wordpress without any plugins & see how it goes.
If fresh copy works, than you have to start to troubleshoot on your plugins isolation methods.