Migrating from VestaCP to HestiaCP

Hey guys,

One question, does anybody tried to migrate by replacing the vestacp files with hestiacp files (of course, keeping user config files), change folder name to hestiacp and then do the modifications in /etc/apache, nginx etc in order to migrate from VestaCP to Hestia?

I really don’t have time and needed resources to start a new server and reinstall everything :frowning:

/P.S. BTW, is there any file manager as promised in 1.1.1 or we’ll take the same road as vestacp promising 5 years ipv6 ? :joy: :joy:


This will not work, we had a lot of changes in Hestia, including the new multiphp stack. You can create a new server, then migrate the users with the normal vesta backups.

For filemanager, you’ll find more informations in our forum: https://forum.hestiacp.com/search?&q=filemanager

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Thanks mate,

So bad it won’t work :frowning:

I guess I will do the migration when there will be a file manager, I really need it. I’ll stick with vesta meanwhile and edit manually every single bug.

Thank you and have a great weekend.