Migrating from VestaCP



I am considering migrating from VestaCP. I am hoping I will not need to ‘fresh’ install HestiaCP as this is a long running server with many domains.

Is there a way to just upgrade to HestiaCP?

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We haven’t tried yet but I guess this should be possible.
Still I’d advice the best way should be to make a new fresh HestiaCP server in Parallel and then “restore” VestaCP user backup sets one by one to HestiaCP.


I’d strongly advise against trying. especially on a production server.
Hestia does not come with any direct upgrade path in mind.

while it uses a lot of the original scripts from vesta, Hestia installs quite some different versions of nginx/php/mariadb and so on. the configurations might not always be the same and if you don’t do a proper install there might be things missing or having wrong paths or options in it.

You can restore individual customers from the according vesta backups into a hestia install though.