Migrating from VestaCP


I am considering migrating from VestaCP. I am hoping I will not need to ‘fresh’ install HestiaCP as this is a long running server with many domains.

Is there a way to just upgrade to HestiaCP?

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We haven’t tried yet but I guess this should be possible.
Still I’d advice the best way should be to make a new fresh HestiaCP server in Parallel and then “restore” VestaCP user backup sets one by one to HestiaCP.

I’d strongly advise against trying. especially on a production server.
Hestia does not come with any direct upgrade path in mind.

while it uses a lot of the original scripts from vesta, Hestia installs quite some different versions of nginx/php/mariadb and so on. the configurations might not always be the same and if you don’t do a proper install there might be things missing or having wrong paths or options in it.

You can restore individual customers from the according vesta backups into a hestia install though.

Since all sites but one are under the admin user account, I am thinking about doing this:

(1) Back up the the admin user (with 50+ sites) and another use (with only one site) on the server (we call it ProductionServer).

(2) Restore both users to a temporary server (call it TemporaryServer) running the same OS (Debian 9) and Vesta.

(3) Change the IPs of the vanity nameservers so that all sites can be served from TemporaryServer in case the ProductionServer takes longer time to rebuild.

(4) Rebuild ProductionServer with the same OS (Debian 9) but this time Hestia as the control panel. Configure the install properly with 2FA for login and other server hardening measures.

(5) Restore both users on ProductionServer.

If steps 4 and 5 take 2 hours, then the downtime is just 2 hours without the change of vanity nameserver IPs

Anything wrong with the above steps?


No need to use the temporary server at all. It takes about 2 hours - mainly rebuilding the server and install HestiaCP. Downtime could be shorten if all this is done by a script.

BTW, like to use this incidence to let the Hestia team know: you guys are doing a great job!

When I have time, I will write a tutorial showing people how to migrate from Vesta to Hestia, which has the needed features in default fresh installation such as…

  • Additional button beside SSL and LetsEnscrypt to make quick HTTP to HTTPS redirect
  • Two factor authentication for HestiaCP login
  • Hostname URL for HestiaCP login rather than IP
  • Working right after fresh install for admin login password reset email

and much more yet to find out :slight_smile:

Love it!

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Nice that you got it working, some (video) tutorials would be great! Can you share them with us? So we could publish them under docs or youtube account. Just write a mail to [email protected] if you want to get in touch with us!

Sure, I will write a tutorial showing how to switch from Vesta to Hestia.

BTW, I just posted on my blog about Hestia. Take a look: https://angelright.com/157/found-free-server-control-panel-vesta-fork-hestia