Migrating to an instance with a different IP

Follow-up to How to change the server IP? - #10 by schiwe

@eris said this is enough:

But I guess before that the interface IP needs to be adjusted so the script actually know the new IP? How does it know the old IP?
Will this update all web domains and DNS entries from the old to the new IP? @schiwe mentioned manually adjusting these in his list, but eris apparently suggested it will be done automatically?

What if I import customers with webdomains a new server with a different IP, will it also automatically use the new IP?

v-update-sys-ip rebuild al the domains / mail domains and dns domain and takes the existing ip from hestia configuration

How ever it will only handle correctly if only one 1 ip address is present/setup properly.

If you want to import new users via backup the ip of the domain will also changeā€¦