Migrating to docker

Hi all,
I’m trying to move the actual hestiacp to the docker version.
It seems that the docker uses a sock connection and when I try to restore the backup I get:

/backup/tmp.G40DeD6YPo/db/webmaster_30473/webmaster_30473.mysql.sql.zst: 134405 bytes
Error: Connection to localhost failed

After this error I get everything but databases, so nothing works…
Am I doing something wrong?


Hestia doesnt provide official docker support, please reach out for support on the related docker project.

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That is a pity… cause sometimes it’s very cmplex to admin the whole thing from a SysAdmin perspective

You try to run hestia inside of docker, which we do not support. You make it hard on your own :slight_smile: .

True Story :smiley:

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