Migration from CPanel to HestiaCP

Please help me to Migration cPanel to HestiaCP…
My cPanel File Size is 32GB, Database Size is 4GB…
How to Migrate without loss anything, I’ve try to make zip File on cPanel But unable to Zip bcz of Large File Size…
please help me

Copy backup to the backup folder

And run v-import-cpanel backup.tar.gz

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if i’ve transfer all files using scp, can i face any problems?

Yes you transfer them with scp or any other method

It doesn’t handle well any sub domains so after transferring make sure to verify it …

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and how to upload my Database Because it’s more than 4GB?

Database will be imported aswell via the backup script

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I am currently also trying to restore a 10gb backup i couldnt restore it was getting some issue

Although for larger file size backup u can search for chrome or firefox extension it lets u copy the link in curl or wget so instead of downloading then uploading the large backup u can just get curl/wget command that u can directly run in server to download there in higj speed

scp works fine between servers … As long your have root access…

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All Files Restore Successfully but Database not Restore, showing this error

Please help me how to fix this?

It looks like it is not supported by MariaDB …

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After Migration sometimes showing this error on my Laravel site, please help me how to fix it…

without logs there is no way we can help to fix. Please check your log files where you’ll find more informations what exactly is failing.

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Thank you :heart: :heart: :heart:

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