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Newbie here but already falling in love with HestiaCP. Wow u guys so amazing to create this forklift of VestaCP. I’d really appreciate it.

I want to ask a question, how can we migrate HestiaCP and all of it’s users, website, also settings to a new fresh server (in case I want to move the server to other country)?

Thank you for your help.

You could just export a full disk image.

I don’t really understand how to do it, but thank you for your answer, will try to find the tutorial in Youtube.

I would suggest the backup system but since I haven’t used it yet I don’t know if it will fit your needs.

Your vps provider may have a backup system. Maybe with a support ticket you may get your copy of the disk.

There is currently no migration tool for HestiaCP to HestiaCP.

You can always run backup the user. Copy them to the new server and restore them.

That shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish with a bash script.

Two new functions

  • v-export-everything [path-to-directory]
  • v-import-everything [path-to-directory]

v-backup-user is the way to go.


Thank you very much for your help, wow amazing HestiaCP, really falling in love with this panel.

I will try all of these solutions.

I’ve done 2 migrations with Hestia and I must say, it works really well.

Just run the backup user & import it on the new server.
Only things you gotta remember is any custom things you’ve added, and stuff like templates.
But that isn’t the big deal, Most important part is all the domains + everything that’s connected to it :smiley:

Hestia is really nice.


there actually are at least two ways to do this.

you can either install a minimal system comparable to your old installation, put hestia on top and then use e.g. rsync to mirror the old things over the new one. you usually want to leave out the harddisk/network config etc.
there are quite some tutorials on how to something like that and it might need some manual fix up afterwards, especially because a new server usually comes with a different IP etc.

the second way, which others already recommended would be to use the backup function in Hestia to take full backups of each user individually (automatically done every night), copy these into the backup-dir of your fresh hestia install and user the command-line restore function to unpack/recreate your users. this will include all files, databases, mails and even certificates, passwords and configs etc.

I have done both and it works, which one to choose usually depends on the amount of individual user packages or if you have done more advanced customizations outside the scope of hestia and that might then not be covered by the regular backup.

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