MikroTik headaches

Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has got the same configuration as me:

ISP > MikroTik Router > ProxMox > VM with Hesta CP.

My ISP has a very big problem on its hands, as their latest router/router firmware has got big issues, so I had to go 3rd party, and so I had to throw a MikroTik router inplace of my ISP’s one.

I however am having a real headache trying to get the connections working properly, the internet works fine, but I cannot seem to get the router to 1) assign an ip fro the static IP pool I have been given by the isp, or 2) get it to allow the firewall stuff properly.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

I use Endian Firewall → ProxMox → VM with HestiaCp. Does the new router have the same configuration?

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It is fixed now, it needed a vlan setting on the mikrotik with the static ip ranges set, and then the vlan assigned to the vm in side proxmox.

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