Missing Drupal install

Trying to install Drupal on my VPS, no matter what Drupal related Nginx template I choose I get a 404 error page on the frontend installation part.

Clicked on the Quick Install App, I see Drupal there but it’s greyed out. Are no install files there or I have to do anything else to enable it? Previously Quick Install App saved me with a Wordpress instance.

Currently not available. It just a placeholder for the future…

Please how to add Drupal installer? I’m a Drupal developer and need this installer badly :slight_smile:

By creating a pull request with the installer added …

But to be honest it isn’t that difficult:

  1. Set Enabled flag to true
  2. Copy https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/blob/main/web/src/app/WebApp/Installers/WordpressSetup.php and rename it to DrupalSetup.php
  3. And modify the code

Was able to install Drupal with composer and then discovered a bug. And forgot about it. (Plus server crashed where the changes where hosted on)

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Thanks eris! I’ll try it when i have my test server ready.

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