Missing users from Admin user list

When logged in as Admin (or any of the other admin level accounts) I can’t see all of my clients. Users: 20 at the top but only 8 showing in the panel. Through the server’s terminal, I can see all 20 accounts.

Above, this shows that read/write permissions are there for all the user’s user.conf files (none of which are empty, they all have valid account data)

Nothing in /var/log/hestia/nging-error.log

If I create a new user, it appears on the user list, There’s just a bunch of existing ones I can’t see.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Do you see all the users when executing this command?

v-list-sys-users json
grep '@' /etc/passwd | cut -f1 -d:

Do they existing in /etc/passwd?

No bud, just the 8 that show in the panel

Yes bud, they exist in passwd

When you run this command do you see them?

I don’t

That is strange it should list the users:

root@dev:~# grep '@' /etc/passwd | cut -f1 -d:

Could you share /etc/passwd?

Sure, but as it contains client data, I’ve replaced user names and domains with “xxxUSERxxx”.


It’s a pain to check that file when all the users are xxxUSERxxx but, I suppose you can’t view the users that don’t have assigned a mail.

How did you create those users without mail? When you create a normal user, Hestia forces to use a mail address. If you add a mail address to those “normal” users, you should see them.

Note: when I speak of normal users it is to differentiate them from ftp users.