Multi PHP not available?

Hello All,

I cannot see multiple php versions to choose for my websites in hestiacp.
Is it because I have installed hestia with debian package and not with script and multiphp is not enabled now?

So how can I switch to multi php?

Thanks in advance

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Reinstall and use the script…

As we add also other software programs…

so I can just uninstall via apt and then install with script?
this will not break my configuration, users, domains …?


To be clear, how did you install hestiacp wihout script? have you just run dpkg -i hestia.deb ?

sorry, sorry.
I installed 1 1/2 years ago, I thought I did “apt install hestia”, but thanks history, sure I used the script.

So question again, why can’t I choose the php version?
Still you think I should reinstall with script? This will not break conifg?


v-add-web-php your version

If it will install any version you want

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thanks. In meantime I tried that already, but still cannot pick the PHP version. see here:


Your are still using modphp that does not support multiphp

Please check:

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That soilved it.
Thanks a lot

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