MultiPhp in same domain

Hi everyone,

is it possible in the same domain to use two different versions of php? I have a website that uses an application with an older php. I have tried to create a subdomain and the application works fine in its php, it does not communicate with the main domain.

Can it be done via nginx or apache configuration files?

Thanks for your help

By default, that’s not possible. You will probaly need to run both on the same, older php version.

I can’t tell you if it would be possible with a custom template/config, but that would be anyway quite hacky :slight_smile:.

Thanks for your reply,

I can’t run the web in the older version as some things won’t work.

Is there a template for something similar?
Thanks a lot

There is no existing template for such a case.

We use the same idea in phpmyadmin:

Maybe pick here some ideas from…