Multiple domain Magento Website?

I’m new to HestiaCp and just getting familiar with it. Still working on my 1st attempt at setting up magento in /home/user/[]/public_html/ .
But before i get too far along i am curious if others have Magento site running properly that hosts multiple domains in one Magento instalation? This is eventually what i want to do.
Just want to make sure it is possible within hestiacp.

PS it would be nice if at install we could choose MariaDB version. since 10.5 is not compatible officially with Magento 2.4.2. There might be an unofficial work around. How about a feature to prevent upgrade to new version. I heard that people had all sorts of issues when their MariaDB automatically upgraded to 10.5

Download the installer:

And change 10.4

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thanks for that. Just did a fresh install and now running mariadb 10.4.18
will it stay there or will it look for and install 10.5 update automatically at some point?

Currently MariaDB is a manual upgrade via command line only

I never tried it how ever depending on the settings it might be possible…