Multiple email domains in a single account.

Cheers! I am looking for how to use two mail domains with a single inbox and outbox, that is, I want to have a main domain and an alias domain.

I need the same user to be able to use [email protected] and [email protected] with the same inbox.

I appreciate the help you can give me.

You can’t then only that you can use is an alias to send mail to the “main” account

So create and then set as an alias of domain1

Create [email protected]

In your email client you can configure identities so that an email incoming to [email protected] will be answered from that account.

Alternatively, you may create domain2 and [email protected] and redirect all emails to [email protected]

Furthermore, you can also create a catch-all account in domain2 and redirect all emails to [email protected]

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How can I convert domain2 to alias of domain1 from hestiacp?

I have created [email protected] and [email protected], I want to be able to use [email protected] and [email protected] in a single mailbox.

If I create both domains and I create both users in both domains I know I can forward from to, but it would be two mailboxes.

Catch-all would send all emails from to a single email.

You can’t just need to add a redirect for

Thanks for your help, I have another question: How can I reinstall rainloop? By mistake I deleted the plugin to change the hestia password and it doesn’t appear in the packages to install again.

I had used the command v-add-sys-rainloop to install.

You can remove the /var/lib/rainloop

And run the command again.

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