My admin login credentials not working for hestiacp dashboard

Hello, I don’t know what’s wrong with my login credentials. It suddenly stopped working and I’m unable to login into my dashboard with admin login credentials, I tried to use a recent password but I’m not getting an Email

Check if your disk is full, to reset a password you can also use shell, run v-change-user-password admin NewPass.

I’m very new in Linux, can you please tell me the exact command.
I’m here at this moment [email protected]:/#
what is next??

Thanks, Mr. ScIT. I changed the password successfully and logged in to my dashboard.
My next question Is, how can I change PHP version for my website?. I created a new user and added my other website and I want to use the latest PHP version there. Im not able to see any PHP option in Configure Server.

Impersonate the user > web > > advanced options.

There you will see the php-fpm settings.

You should also take the chance to have a look around all the options and read them in case you need them in the future as well as the server settings.

this is what i can see in advance options.
there is no option related php and no backend template dropdown for changing php version.

Do you have multiphp installed?

Yes sir.

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