My Client Website videos and messed up content automatically after installed LiveSmart on Hestia Control Server

Hello Support Team Members,

Please can you help me ?

Before 2-3 day’s I have Installed LiveSmart successfully On My client Hestia cPanel
Server but after installation LiveSmart by ubuntu Terminal command on
server so after some time automatically is not
showing any videos and seems messed up content from the site front page. Do you
know the issue. please let me know if you have any solution to restore old backup or old data on the same server.

thanks & regards
Nidhi Barve

Hey Nidhi.

first of all: please do not post links to your domain/website here as this is rather considered spam. we are going to ask for your domain if needed via DM.

second: how are we supposed to help you or even guess what’s going on with that little information you posted.

whatever happened is highly likely not even closely related to Hestia. as you wrote you installed something in parallel. you are the only one who knows which command you ran for that and what kind of requirements this app/service needs.

you need to check your log files for error messages. I think you understand that “seems messed up content” is far from giving any information to diagnose on.

Hestia is no tool that will replace system administration knowledge for you, so I am afraid, there is nothing we can help you with here. best of luck for solving your problem though.


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