My domain points to default success page of Hestia everytime!

Hello all,

  1. I’ve pointed my domain name to Hestia ip address.
  2. Then added that web domain inside Hestia panel
  3. In file manager, added my php script under public _html

Now everything is working except the home page. It always point to Hestia default success page. But if my manually edit the ip address in my web browser, eg,, it then points to my desired login page. But it always load home page as Hestia success page.

My domain is:
If you add ‘/login’, then it will open the login page without any issues.

Any help is appreciated.


Nginx + Apache2?

What is your template?

Last few lines from /var/log/apache2/domains/domain.error.log (or /var/log/nginx/domain/domain.error.log)

My backend template is Apache2.
Regarding error logs, I cannot see var folder when I go to files from Hestia control panel. I see bunch of other folders including web. But not var, or usr.


Check your .htaccess file there might be an issue in there

The obvious solution would be to replace the index.html with your own.

Have you done that? (or remove it, in case you have an index.php and not index.html)

This happened to me in other circumstances, where my home was replaced by the default index.html file.

Also there could be an issue with the order of the index file to use (php then html them htm, etc), this can be edited/customized.

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Thanks acarv :grinning:. It worked. It was always picking index.html which I realised was Hestia default file. I had another index.php which was below that html file.
After deleting index.html, it’s working fine now.

Thanks Eris and acarv for your support.

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