My email won't work

Hi. Admin,
I just recently tranfered my hosting to be maned by Hetia. But my email is not woring.

my car isnt working aswell, do you know to fix? Joke beside, provide a minimal stack of informations.

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all set up are correct. It seams the mail service has error.

What error Check /var/log/exim4/mainlog

Or check the return message of the email


No error message at all. Just it can’t send or receive

clearly not, otherwise it would work. Also you need to login with shell and check whats wrong. Please be aware of Please read this, before you start!

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I am very new to this Hetia. I thought it should be same easier as others. The email server is a normal service. Tell me what is your car problems and I will try to help you without making a funny reply.

As explained in the post i linked: we expect that you have some sysadmin knowledge, if you dont have, please use another solution or get someone, which can manage it for you.

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Basicly thats the point - you just write “mail doesnt work”, no logs, no additional informations. With that amount of informations its impossible to help.

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systemctl status exim4


I also expected that the Service of Hetia is same std as others. If it is so difficult and you just want make fun of the people who needs help. Then,either you keep quiet and let other nice people to reply, Or I just move the project to other service provider.No big deal.


Are you going to provide further informations as requested? If not, I’ll close this thread.


Hestia is free / opensource so we provide official no support. So at least go trough the basic debugging steps …