My HestiaCP seems stuck on 1.6.8 How do I update please

Hello. I am unsure as to how i update my version from 1.6.8 to latest. In the Updates are there are 3 that seem ‘stuck’

core package 1.6.8 (arm64)
hestia-php php interpreter 8.2.8 (arm64)
hestia-nginx internal web server 1.23.0 (arm64)
Auto update is enabled.

Have searched all documentation & forums with no success. Can someone please advise me?
Thank you,

Run apt update && apt upgrade

Also what is your OS?

Thank you. Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu 22.04 Should be full supported

apt update && apt upgrade should solve the issue

With 1.6.8 we had an bug that broke the Hestia build in system…

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