My own nameservers on Hestia

Hello guys! Can someone explain me how to setup my own nameservers for domains that doesn’t support DNS Zones? I’ve been adding websites to my hestia using A records of the domains but now i have a new domain without DNS editor so i need NS1 and NS2. For the moment i added NS records to the domain of the server. As far as i know i have to create a new Package on hestia but don’t know how to properly configure it, thanks!

Please have a look in the existing threads, it should give you enough informations to answer your question:

Can i acomplish this with only one server?

Basicly, yes, should you do it according to RFC, no :slight_smile:.

DNS topology is straight forward. With one DNS server you can serve as much domains as you like.
Do you know how to accomplish setting up DNS?

Yes, only registrars I know that do all by the book are German registrars, but if you have 2 subnets you can circumvent RFC recommendation (at least 2 nameservers with 2 IPs in different subnets).