My website is resolving a different IP

My website is resolving a different IP than my server IP! Does that mean it is hacked? malware wp plugin says “Hacked”?!!! Can you please help?
I’m trying to ftp it but is not resolving the right IP despite I followed the steps to enable the ftp!!!

Then maybe you has been hacked…

What’s your domain? Do you host the DNS on Hestia?

Instead of the domain you can use the right ip to connect to your server via ssh or ftp.

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DNS not on hestiacp… I DM you the domain name.

I do have sftp access, but I’m not able to FTP my site installation folder. or at least I don’t know how, as my limited knowledge in running commands

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Just for the records.

@kafnoonadmin is using Cloudflare’s proxy with the main domain and that is the reason for the different ips.

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