My Wordpress Page just showing in 'Index of/ cgi-bin

Before it was fine that the page are showed. But in next day the page remain on 'Index of/ cgi-bin as shown below :

And also the wordpress admin login page goes to 404 not found as shown below :

The domain that contain wordpress page was encrypted on ssl :

One more information that the domain/subdomain are directed from another server.

Need for help fixing this issue, Thank you very much . .

According the error message you are using lite speed what is currently not supported by Hestia.

Did it’s mean that litespeed are installed on my ubuntu vps server?

I don’t know… At least Hestia uses by default Apache2 or Nginx. It might also run behind an proxy that runs on Litespeed Web. But with the correct information I don’t know…

This looks more like cpanel than hestia :slight_smile:, probaly wrong or old dns records.