Mysql backups hourly/minutes?

Is it possible to save the mysql database more often than once a day?
Is there any way to save a database every hour or every 5-30 minutes?


Currently not an implemented way with hestia, but a little bit scripting using mysqldump would do the job aswell. probaly just 2-3 lines needed and placed in a cronjob.

Can you help me with the file? I would like to resolve to include a hestia username with a date and a database name. Also, it’s important that you can also delete expired backups, since, hundreds of backups are made every half hour.

I’m sorry, this is out of our or at least my hestia support scope. Grab your sysadmin skills and a little bit of bash scripting :slight_smile:.

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maybe use a premade solution like automysqlbackup. there is an extension for hourly backups here: GitHub - dm0reau/automysqlbackup_hourly: A short extension for automysqlbackup, allowing to perform hourly backups.

I haven’t tested the latter, so you want to check what it does beforehand and use a your own discretion-

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