Mysql log file is too large

My server had 100% disk usage.
Upon investigating, I found that mysql log file was taking 36GB of space.
How do I prevent it from happening again?

Location of log file:

I am running ubuntu 20.04 and Hestia version v1.5.10.

Set a Cron job to check the size of the file on a daily / monthly basis

Are you sure about that? Vesta support is here:

Yes, after I deleted that file and restarted mysql, disk usage reduced to 43gb from 78gb.
I have asked question on vestacp too but nobody replies over there.

Is that the only way?
Shouldn’t hesticap do that itself?

If you want hestiacp to clean your server’s poo, you should look elsewhere.

Hestia CP is for people who like to swim in servers logs and analyse complicated stuff.

It doesnt make sense to ask in hestia forum for vesta support, either switch to hestia or use the vesta forum - you can even restore a vesta backup.