MySQL Not working

Hi , My SQL fails to install during HestiaCP installation.
However if i choose not to install MYSQL but MariaDB it installs.

When i choose MYSQL it gives alot of errors and fails the HestiaCP installation.
At the moment its installed with MariaDB but i cant seem to see a manage button for databases ? im using Debian 11.8 With latest version of HestiaCP

Create a new user and you should be able to select mysql / mariadb databases …

Thanks for the assist… But i tried that and gives another message…

Is there a way to also allow phpmyadmin to use local IP such as 192.168.1.xx ??

chown -R root:www-data /etc/phpmyadmin/
chown -R hestiamail:www-data /usr/share/phpmyadmin/tmp/

Database & phpMyAdmin SSO | Hestia Control Panel

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