MySQL server on remote host?

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Is there a standard way to set Hestia to use a remote MySQL server instead of using a MySQL installation on the same server that Hestia is installed on? I notice there is a Hestia config file at /usr/local/hestia/conf/mysql.conf for MySQL that has a HOST variable in it, but I don’t see a place in the web interface where I can change that. And if I change it manually in that file, that won’t change it in the phpmyadmin config.

(Need to do the same thing for Postgres.)





Dig it. Thanks @eris

Hmmmm. The v-add-database-host script doesn’t seem to have any code in it for moving the phpmyadmin database and changing the /etc/phpmyadmin/config-db.php file.

Anyone ever done this before with Hestia? I’m trying to move the entire MySQL database to a separate server (in this case, its own TurnKey Linux installation running in an LXC container within Proxmox), and then remove it from the server I’m running Hestia on. So I need to make sure nother in Hestia is depending on having that initial MySQL running on localhost.


Localhost still depends having mysql (client) and postgresql client installed on the localhost also it doesn’t install phpmyadmin / any other tools.

Is will also not support the new Phpmyadmin SSO feature build in 1.4.0.

We might need to consider it for 1.4.0 or an later version.

Postgresql support isn’t working 100% to be honest. Issues with not updating user permissions after deleting database. User are able to access / read and update in other users database. And a few more “issues”.

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