MySQL shared database

Goodmorning all,

As a webmaster I use a trade traffic script (ftt2) Previously I used plesk and automatically became the MySQL shared database of the ftt2 scripts. I have say, 17 websites and want the mysql share of 17 ftt2 sites. So that I can see everything on one page. But this just won’t work with hestiacp. Does anyone have the golden tip for me?

Regards Ton

You can access mysql database from any user as long you have the correct password

Hi Eris,
I’m late responding. (sick) But I get the message [23-Mar-2022 09:33:08 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: SafeMySQL: Field ‘api_key’ doesn’t have a default value. Full query: [INSERT INTO global_sites(name, domain, host, user, password, database, shared_database, color) VALUES…
I enter the correct information. Seems like something is refusing this.

Greetings Ton

This error has nothing to do with accessing database. But with executing the command. That the api_key field has no default value…

Contact the developer of your software…