NameServer provided is not valid


I’m trying to use the NameServer setup during Hestia installation ( and

I have attempted to point my domain name to my Hestia Name Servers, My domain name registrar says the nameservers are not valid.

What did I miss?

Did you created a name server cluster?

No I didn’t.

Should I run the command on the same server that Hestia is running on?

If you want to get a dns cluster, you probaly should :slight_smile:. But you need to know what you’re doing, also have a propper plan for the cluster - otherwise it would be a good idea to stay on cloudflare or a similar service.

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You should create a child nameserver from your name registar example if your using namecheap on advance dns

Register personal dns server then point your ns1,ns2 to your ip

But Personally i use cloudflare , easy to use you can just change the ip , MX and your site will be back online if you transfer to other provider

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