Need help to setup new server with Hestia Control Panel

hello everyone i am new here ,

i have a new server i need help to install the Hestia Control Panel i have tried once but after install phpmyadmin not work i have tried everything but i don’t know where am i wrong

kindly of someone can help me to setup completely , thank you

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Hello, can you provide more information please ?

after i install i cannot login to phpmyadmin

i have try with my

like is woring but i don,t know how to set the username and password for mysql

please help me

thank you

create the database through cp and then click from HestiaCP the phpmyadmin it will redirect you correctly so you will be able to connect with your db’s credentials

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i try but its said credentials are wrong also one time i have success to login by db username and password but i can,t import my backup sql database

please help me to frest setup

thank you

Please, share screenshots and logs as well. So, anyone can understand easily