Need some help can't send emails

Hi, I’m new to vps.
I install hestiacp
I can receive emails but emails sent from Roundcube Webmail is not going out.
Can you tell me why? do I need to setup other configurations?

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Thanks I can send email now but they go to spam folder.
Any help on prevent email from going to spam folder?

Did you setup your DNS properly MX/SPF/PTR? What are you sending on the test email?


I fixed the DKIM but I can’t get the spf to work on mail checker.
mail is not going to spam now.

SPF is a bitch to set up the first time.

Basically you add a TXT Record with your mail server IP or domain. I prefer to use ip for simplicity.
v=spf1 ip4: -all

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SPF isnt that complicated at all - there are even generators around which explains every single point :slight_smile:.

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Of course! That’s a great tool. An you can always default to +a +mx

I always include some sets of servers and there is where the things get tricky.

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