Need to access wordpress site only using ip address

let’s first tell you the situation.

  • my website running on domain A, I want to move my website from server A to B but still use the domain A

the problem is, i want to do the live migration, but as long as can’t change nameserver (my website is live) for current domain I can’t access the WordPress dashboard,

is there anything I can do?

Use your system’s hosts file to override the DNS.


Thanks for your kind respond, but I’m not sure how to do it, can you guide me step by step please. ?


i did it , i was suspectiong that im doing something wring, because once i edited hosts file , still domain pointing to the server A

thats why i wanted to double check

buti got the solution , its was about my network , now its working well , thanks guys

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Don’t forget to remove the hosts file entry when you are done using it.

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sure . thanks alot again :heart_eyes:

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