Network Configuration Problem

Im trying to setup VestaCP in one of my customers virtual server on site.
They have multiple external IPs but I got one assigned to a Ubuntu 18 virtual machine.
The IT guy from the company setup netplan (networking) for me an this is the 00-installer-config.yaml
file content:

This is the network config written by ‘subiquity’

renderer: networkd
- [internal-ip]/24
- [external-ip]/24
gateway4: [external-gateway]

I complete HestiaCP installation without problem, and I started the setup as normal (I have other servers up and running with multiple websites)

My issue is:
When trying to open any website (domain, subdomain, server’s FQDN, etc) of the server, I always get the unassigned “Success! Your new web server is ready to use.” which is located at /var/www/html

This is clearly a networking misconfiguration, because when working with the server manager, we made some changes to the netplan files, and I was getting the under construction page and even was able to generate SSL certificates.

My main concern is when editing the netplan files because editing this files may cause the server to be out of reach (this happened several times) and I dont always have the IT guy reseting my configuration on the server side.

Thank you very much for taking the time of reading this, and please be free to reply any thoughts, I will be attending any reply.
Also I can give any access credentials via PM in order to receive any help.

Edit: I was able to resolve this by deleting the internal IP from my available IPs and reconfiguring the web services.

I’ve found when I set up Hestia on a server with two IP addresses, it automatically assigns the webservers to the first on it finds which is invariably the private 10.x.x.x address. I have to assign it manually to the correct public IP address first, and then I can delete the private IP address from the Hestia config. Sounds like this was happening to you too.

Note to devs: might it be a good idea to check for this misconfiguration? I’m not sure about the best approach, as certain use cases might actually require a private IP address setup. But I’d think mostly people would want the public one, if available.

Maybe ask the question in the installer? Which of these IPs do you want to use?
Pass it as an installer option --main-ip =
Check for two IPs and prioritise the public one?

Hello to all.
Now I have a problem with the same customer.
The server has 2 network ports assigned to the same VM, one IP is public accessible (this is my main IP) and the other IP is accessible only for local users (they have the server in the same internal working network)
The problem occurs when trying to reach the website from the local network (they only see the Server Ready green checkmark) but they cant see the website.
I know this is a configuration issue by my end, but Ive never worked in this environment before and I need your help to configure the server in order to have 2 IPs pointing to the same webserver. (at least this is what I think will be solving this)
Thanks for reading this, and please be free to ask anything.

Hestia currently does not support multiple interfaces on 1 host. Probally the easiest way to solve is to create new template files and at the second ip to it

Hello to all
I fixed the local network access to the website by changing:

listen *:80;

on the server section of nginx.conf

Do you think this is a recommended fix?
Thanks for reading this, and please be free to ask anything.

which nginx.conf? the one in the domains conf folder that says:



make an educated guess if that’s a good idea/recommended fix :rofl:

no offense meant! while changing the listening behaviour sure is the way I’d also go, you probably want to look into creating your own nginx templates to use and not have your changes overwritten with each rebuild :wink: