New firewall chain called "RECIDIVE"

After upgrade, my recidive filter still is using HESTIA action:

enabled = true
filter = recidive
action = hestia[name=HESTIA]

Is this ok or it would to use new firewall chain called “RECIDIVE”? Is this chain created yet?

Will RECIDIVE chain be added to the next HestiaCP update or is it better to do it manually?

Of course it will be added :slight_smile:, there is already a pull request which just needs review and testing.

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RECIDIVE works just fine but can I see what chain exactly is banned (MAIL,WEB,SSH…)? Is it possible to upgrade CP so it shows like “WEB(recidive)” for ex?
I ask it because last months I have ~20-30 ip’s of same CIDR and I add to ban list like but what chain\rule shall I use for it if there is only RECIDIVE?!