New Install Feedback March 2020

Very impressed with the fork, genuine thanks to all involved.

Having time to review my serving options I have recently built 2 test servers with Hestia using -

Cloudflare & various Registrar DNS managers - obviously new users need knowledge of Networking & DNS to even be here.

Linode 2GB VPS
Deb 10.3
Minimal install - LEMP (multi php) with exim and firewall options
Imported Vesta Backups and manual rebuilds from backups
Mostly Wordpress and Joomla Sites

3 very minor issues:

  1. FRUSTRATING for new user - The install script password setting didn’t work - easy workaround with the CLI command - /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-change-user-password - Docs update maybe would help save time.
  2. On each reboot slightly worrying email (yay exim works) about sshd didn’t restart - it’s a boot timing issue according to forum posts - not a problem with sshd configuring and service restarts etc…
  3. 2FA - First attempt didnt generate QR - v-delete-user-2fa XXX - fixed that - Second attempt got the QR code but then again no code input field from Auth app - I need this to work ASA

All in all very impressed with the panel, docs and forum.

Well done all contributors.

Be safe and well.


Hi @ivanpos

Thanks for the feedback!

Docs is a never ending story and need rework, that’s true. v-change-user-password is in the docs on cli commands, but could also be added to other parts of the doc. If you would like to contribute here, please checkout our docs project:

As you already wrote, this is a known issue - we plan to add a delay on boot to prevent the message.

I just checked and can confirm, that 2FA is working properly on v1.1.1. If you follow the docs, a QR Code will be shown in user settings:

After that, you need to logout - as soon as you enter the username (the field needs to be clicked in and clicked out to start the js validation part) and tab out to password, it will show you the 2FA field.

Hi @ivanpos and thanks for your review.

Regarding point nr.1: To be clear, the password set during the installation did not work right after and you had to reset it with v-change-user-password?

If that’s the case then it is a bug

We do not set any minimum requirements.

Must be a bug then, happened to me on 2 installs.

Thanks @ScIT,

Yes the 2fa field does appear using Tab, this step is not intuitive though. I’ll try to contribute to the Docs project.

After that 1 slight niggle with 2fa - If I turn on 2fa for 2 accounts (say admin & unpriv) there is no difference in Authenicator, i.e. they both show the hostname and not the user email as would normally be the case.

Best regards.

Did you quote the password string with single quotes on the install cmd?

# Good:
./hst-install ... -p '123!45$abc'

# Bad:
./hst-install ... -p 123!45$abc

without single quotes bash will interpret some special characters



I see how that could happen and actually no I didn’t,

I was following the Doc ( -p yourpasswordhere ) which has no mention of this yet.


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