New install: only some quick install apps shown

Hi, new user here.

I’m trying to get Hestia up and runnning on an Oracle Free Tier Ubuntu 22.04 instance (+Cloudflare).

Running the install script gave: line 171: servername: command not found

But the installer went through to completion anyway (as far as I could tell).

When I visit the “Quick Install App” page, only some of the apps are shown in colour.

The grayed out apps are: DocuWiki, MediaWiki and Prestashop.

Wordpress (which is what I actually want to install) has a broken link icon for the Wordpress logo, and if I click on the “Setup” button for Wordpress, I get a dialog saying “WordPress installer missing”.

Any help would be appreciated!

Some are not working on PHP8.0 or new yet.

WordPress is an bug due to a rename that caused the issues

As mesntioned in the thread, a rename needed:
From web/src/app/WebApp/Installers/Wordpress/WordpressSetup.php to ……web/src/app/WebApp/Installers/WordPress/WordPressSetup.php

But I can’t find the file in file manager. In web folder it only shows the domain of the site.

Can anyone please specify the location again?
Thank you.


But need to be done via ssh


Thanks very much for the quick replies and fix, I will give it a go this evening.

Can I just ask if mediawiki will be supported/added to the quick install apps in the near future, as MediaWiki 1.39.0 is supposed to work with PHP 8 (according to the MediaWiki website)? I seem to have been a bit unlucky with the 2 apps I want to get up and running!


With “supported” => [“8.0”, “7.4”],

And in the same file update update he version


They have released 1.39.0 recently. So I will update and test if it works fine I will merge into 1.6.14 release

So we where 3months slower…

Update has been released

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