New installation with nginx + phpfpm + multiphp

I am new to Hestiacp, I have vestacp and I want to migrate to Hestiacp using Debian 10 and install the latest version available for hestiacp

As per the documentation for installation, it did not make me totally confident how to do it.

Would I be able to install hestiacp with nginx + phpfpm + multiphp? without using apache?
How should I do it in the script?

bash -o yes -v no -j yes -c no -t no

I will use wordpress in the projects

Hi and welcome!

Basicly you can start with the default set, if you use wordpress as you wrote, consider also to install apache2. Of course you also could don’t use apache2 and stick on a nginx+fpm system, but it would give you the possibility to use .htaccess combined with the speed of fpm :slight_smile:.

Basicly, just give it a try with: bash

It will also install php7.3, if you would like to add further versions, just checkout the server settings tab or the cli command “v-add-web-php”.

Hello Team Hestia,

I just want to install
Nginx +Php-fpm

Without using apache so please explain how to do that

First of all, please do not revive a year old thread… Then have a look at the docs or github, both contains the requested information about advanced installation: or GitHub - hestiacp/hestiacp: Hestia Control Panel | A lightweight and powerful control panel for the modern web.

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