New integrations

Any viability to integrate such things like rate limit templates, v-import-cpanel-backup, php.ini security updates?

Feel free to contribute with any Pull Requests

We are limited with time. And even for the next versions some new features are coming.

Please read the Community Guidelines and submit a pull request.

1 week a ago Hestia released 1.2.1 with mainly bugfixes. 1.2.2 will come within reasonable time. With the changes on the change log I will not say the development is going slow…

  • v-import-cpanel-backup

Needs to be tested… Feel free to participate in it…

I am not familiar with using Github and pull requests but I have the URLs where some of the features are. Is that what you request?

I converted last cpanel person in June.

Rate Limit:


I you are still able to create Backups from CPanel it could help with debugging issues we currently encounter…

And probably: