New Member Registration emails not being sent to admins

I have three different servers using Hestia. Two are Debian 11 servers using Hestia 1.6.8. The other is a new Debian 12 server using Hestia 1.8.3. All three servers have Hestia Users on which I have installed Friendica version 2023.05. Friendica is an open source social network.

About two months ago, these networks were working well. However, sometime in the past few months, the registration emails from new members stopped being sent to administrators. The registration confirmation emails are still sent to the new members.

There has not been any change to Friendica in the past two months. Also there was not any change to the Hestia control panel because it was stuck on 1.6.8. Today, I updated the two 1.6.8 panels to 1.8.3. However, the problem still persists.

I have been trying to solve this problem for the past week. I have installed new applications to new Hestia users but the problem remains. I can not understand how something that worked two months ago no longer works when there have been no changes to the server, to Hestia or to the application.

I have checked for PHP errors but there are no errors related to this problem. I have run out of ideas on things to try. Any problem solving suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

just can suggest to check the exim mainlog.

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