New Release ver 1.1.0 Multi-php


what i know ver 1.1.0 has multi php enabled by default i have installed new hestia but i dont see the multi php enabled.
also i dont see the bash to enable it

other issue

[email protected]:~# v-update-host-certificate
v-update-host-certificate: command not found
[email protected]:~# v-add-letsencrypt-host
v-add-letsencrypt-host: command not found
[email protected]:~#

have you rebooted or logged out after installing hestia? looks like the path is not set on your session

what about multi php?

You can select an available PHP version by selecting the backend template when editing the applicable web domain.

i was installed oficial release of hestia 1.1.0 and after finished i dont see the multi-php on the domain.

Which flags did you specify at install time?

i dont specify any flag i do that, what i understand 1.1.0 has included by default multi php

Sorry, you understood this wrong: MultiPHP isnt included by default, otherwise the switch would not be there. MultiPHP is set for nginx+fpm as default (because it’s the same engine) or if you specify the multiphp flag - otherwise the flag wouldnt exist anymore :slight_smile:.

then this info is incorrect.

what in need to run to enable multi php ?

Apache, Nginx + ApacheMultiphp will not be enabled automaticaly since internal mod_php module will be disabled and might cause isues with some apps when switching to php-fpm backend.To enable multiphp run the migration script: $HESTIA/install/upgrade/manual/

Anybody know, how revert mod_php with new installation 1.1.0?
In previous releases was available select FPM or mod_php for any domain. In new release I can select only FPM…

The new php stack has changed to php fpm only - according to the suggestions of apache fundation, we removed mod_php for feature releases:

I would suggest to checkout fpm, if you still want to use mod_php, you could set the phpfpm flag to no, this will bring you back modphp, but not for multiphp - you would have a single version only.

Do you mean set flag php-from in installation process? And I will have mod_php only?
Using mod_php for one website and fpm for another not available now in new release?


no, as already written, mod_php is outdated and has been replaced with fpm completly based on the suggestions of the Apache2 developers.

I’m curious what is your specific need for mod_php, I would be grateful if you could elaborate.

During our internal discussions about this subject we didn’t found any drawbacks using php-fpm vs mod_php on the contrary.

I have over 100+ legacy web sites that using htaccess files with much rules, remake them to fpm - its problem.

I think you missunderstood the possible setup: mod_php was replaced with fpm, this means not that apache2 was removed. If you run a multiphp setup with apache2+nginx+fpm, htaccess will still work - because it’s a feature of apache2, not of mod_php.

If you run a existing system with apache2+nginx+multiphp, checkout this migration script:

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Hm, but what reason using apache + fpm together if nginx - front, fpm - back.
Apache only for capability with htaccess?

basicly, this is one of the reasons, yes.

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