New server after crash

I had a hardware failure on one of my servers, so my webhost provided a replacement on which I ran a fresh install of Hestia (sadly no external backup… lesson learnt).

My first priority is to get mail working again for a couple of the important domains that were on the old server. So I set those up in Hestia, got Cloudflare to point at the new IP and installed the LetsEnrypt certificates.

I can connect to webmail and the mailboxes work. If I try and connect from Apple Mail it’s “Unable to verify account name or password”. If I use the MS Remote Connectivity tool, it tells me it can resolve the host name, but that port 993 is blocked. In Cloudflare I have the mail subdomain set to DNS only, so that should mean Cloudflare isn’t blocking it, right…?

Additionally, if I try to access the Hestia CP via its domain name and port 8083, I get a security error saying HSTS is enabled but no valid certificate. If I just access the domain name via port 80, It’s a secure connection. I can only access the Hestia CP via an IP address.

Any of this sound familiar?



Disable proxy in cloudflare, they do not support redirect of mailports (or also the default hestia port 8083) on their free plan.

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