New Server, Install & Discourse :~)

I’ve think I have said this before :thinking: But , my new Server has 2 IPs.
Primary IP = 1 Static Domain, Root Host on server.
Primary IP = 1 Front page , Domain.
Sub Primary IP =Blog site.
Second IP = Discourse Site :thinking:
Question is , Is this Right ?
Setting up Hestia , as Discourse needs NGINX & Hestia also runs NGINX :thinking:
Question , do I STOP NGINX Service on Hestia when Installing Discourse ?
Any Thoughts ?
Thank-You :smiley: :nerd_face:

We run Hestia on the server and Discourse inside a docker with out any issues …

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Thank-You :smiley:
I have found this …
Does it look Good ?

See the other topic you have created for the templates used .

It should work fine

Sorry to bother, but I’m Very new to this & looking for advise & some help Please.
Do I Add an Web Domain / DNS / Mail in Hestia ?
Then do I use the Link I posted earlier ? Or Use this one ( Or next Post ) Thank-You

Or this one ? Thank-You :thinking:

I have explained it already in:

I am not going repeat it twice…

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