New server - question regarding hosting packages (when restoring backups)

I’m in the process of switching from one server (with hestiacp) to a new server.

When I copied over the /backup folder from the old server to the new one - do I have to manually add all hosting packages I’ve had on the old server to the new one first before I can go on restoring all those old backups/users with?

v-restore-user username1 username1.2023.11.27-00-00.tar
v-restore-user username2 username2.2023.11.27-00-00.tar

So in general are the hosting packages within a user backup or do I have to import my existing packages from the old server to the new one first like descriped in the doc (/usr/local/hestia/data/packages/*.pkg)

Yes create first packages first you can just copy them over via SCP or any other means first …

Ok, will do.

Otherwise all restored user backups would get the default hosting package I guess?

Yes it will use the default package

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