New to HestiaCP and noob questions

Hi to all, yesterday i installed for the 1st time the Hestiacp.
Coming from cyberpanel i can tell that Hestiacp is lighter cp and so far i am very happy how it works.

I have a couple of noob questions:

  1. Caching: i installed the Hestiacp from the official guide, so today i discovered from this guide: Web Templates and FastCGI/Proxy Cache | Hestia Control Panel that i don’t have the option to use FastCGI cache because i am using Nginx + Apache. So i enabled the caching from the proxy template.

but when i check if the website is cached from here:
i get this:

Is it worth it to reinstall hestiacp without apache in order to use the FastCGI cache option for the wooCommerce eshop that i am hosting in this server ?

  1. Another problem is that i installed Hestia Nginx Cache plugin, i followed the instructions for the API Settings but if i click the purge cache button i get the error message: The Hestia Nginx Cache could not be purged!

I don’t know if i made a mistake in the api settings or the problem is that the website is not cached or the plugin works only for the FastCGI cache option that i don’t use.

  1. Not a really problem… Is there a way to check through hestiacp the total disk storage of the hosting and the used disk space ? I haven’t find it so i check through ssh and with the command: df -h --total

I forgot to mention that i use contabo hosting with debian12.

Thanks in advance and for the great control panel that you are developing.