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News to Hestia CP (and indeed self hosting) so steep learning curve. That being said, loved the ease on which I managed to get everything installed. So kudos to the team. Firstly, please let me apologise for no dots between “domain” and “com” in this post, as I am a new user the forum thinks that I am posting links when infact I am referring to fictitious domains with regards to the question I am asking. So just assume when there is a “com” there should be dots before it :slight_smile:

I’ve been through the docs section but couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. I highly suspect I am unable to see the woods for the trees. So here goes.

I installed hestia on a brand new install of ubuntu server 20.04. It asked for an FQDN so I put a domain I purchased from google domains in. I have forwarded all of the appropriate ports on the router etc. Let’s call this primary domain (domain1 com). I have an A record pointed at the static IP for the server and the HTML site I have in the home directory comes up no bother when I goto the domain.

However, I have then added three other domains as secondary domains. I only need to use one as an example (because the other 2 will obviously be the same). Let’s call this (domain2 com). I can see the DNS records for (domain2 com) and can clearly see the mx, A records etc - the name servers are also there with ns1 domain1 com and ns2 domain2 com etc.

My question is this. For, what other records do I have to add to google domains DNS section for domain1 com to make sure that everything is set up for that domain, and by proxy (no pun intended) domain2 com, domain3 com etc which is pointed to ns1 domain1 com and ns2 domain1 com in the nameservers section of google domains.

Is there a list of the DNS records I need to add to google to ensure is setup?

Update: Please ignore. Nailed it! Was as simple as setting up two A records NS1 and NS2 on the domain. Sorted!

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Also have a look at Ricky Wahowa’s
great tutorial series on HestiaCP. In chapter #9 he talks about DNS stuff.

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