Nextcloud multiple servers with hestia?

hi, i’ve read all the threads about nextcloud … wondering how to …
install one instance of nextcloud
and then use it from two separate domains?
with separate dbs and users?
would that be possible through HESTIA?
would that be possible after Quick Install?
many thanks

by default, when installing HESTIA, the install creates a domain under the admin account (ie: I got confused, and wasn’t sure what to do … I’ve deleted it, created a user, and then created in that user account … was it a mistake? would that change anything? or is it any better?

It’s better. Don’t create any(!) webdomain under the admin user. Even your should be created under a different user with less privileges.

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thanks Chris, i’ll do that for now on
but you realize hestia does this by default at install? under the admin user if fine unless you use It for hosting then it is a great idea to move it to a different user.

eris, I don’t understand your answer, sorry. Can you comment please?

He means that if you put the webdomain under admin it’s fine as long as you don’t put any website in the actual webdomain folder. So if you plan to run f.e. Wordpress you better just put it in a different user.
Personally I just keep my closed with an access denied.

thanks Chris, I get it.
so you close your, but keep access to hestia with or another port?

why do we have to dig out a 2 years old thread if you’ve already opened a own one (which is the way to go)? Going to move that over.

Exactly, just make sure you set your hostname + dns etc. I use a different port but you can just use 8083.

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hey, what happened here?
i’ve opened a thread on multiple servers for nextcloud in hestia
then i’ve answered to a different topic about domains in admin account, and all seems mixed together now … how strange

hi, some comments from another topic have been ‘merged’ in this one. You did that? the topic is different, can you see?
What’s wrong about commenting an open thread?

now this topic looks like a mess ^^

That both threads are more than two years old, that’s wrong. Also they are not directly related, there is no reason to revive them - it will produce aswell unrelated notifications for the thread creator.

Currently dont have an idea why the threads got mixed - I had 3 posts of you, one own thread, two hjiacked one and merged the nextcloud post/discussion to the nextcloud thread.

Question about hestia and hostname has been answered, feel free to make a new thread about nextcloud - for that one: You want to have two dbs and two installs of nextcloud and sharing the same files?

if commenting opened threads is baad
closing the ones that need to remain safe from harm could be a solution …

This has been implemented more than a year ago using a plugin - but this doesnt work for threads/posts which has been created earlier. Also its quite common to not revive dead posts, doesnt matter which forum.

i hear you