Nextcloud: The server responded with a status of 405


Thank you for your continuous support guys.

I am using Nextcloud 19.0.5 on Ubuntu 20.04.1 and I just started using “EPUB/CBZ/PDF ebook reader” plugin.

The plugin is working except for some features like saving bookmarks, comments and fullscreen mode.

The server logs are not showing any errors. The only errors I am getting are from browser console.

Can you help me please fix this issue.


sorry, but not really. 405 means that plugin is using a request type that’s most likely not permitted. there is more then just GET and POST as you probably know.
so you first want to find, what exact call this thing is trying to send my guess would be a DELETE which probably isn’t allowed for security reasons.
then you can search for the location it get’s stuck. could be the proxy, the backend, who knows…

this is not really hestia related but a configuration thing for webservers. could be you need a custom config to make this work… maybe you also want to think security implications coming with that.

read on here:

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Hello falzo,

I don’t want to do anything risky with my nextcloud website. Since its a (bug) maybe waiting for the devolper to find a workaround is a safe choice.

I appreciate your support.

Thank you

I am not sure if it can really be considered a bug. guess the dev went the easy way for handling things by using uncommon methods (http DELETE requests) which might work on some system but on some not.

who knows if he can find another to do the same to achieve better compatibility :wink:

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